Go for it !!

As we are willing to dream in our mind,

yes we have to & its important too,

but we also have to insert our effort

to rise it in reality.


So,Stop living in tomorrow 🙂

& live in Today,

which we have totally in our pocket to

and depends on ourself how we spend it

Its Totally allows us to do anything or

get it in any direction.. 🙂

Well said by our one of the best inspiration persons 🙂

“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.”― A P J Abdul Kalam


Have you ever thought about what happiness exactly is.

Everyone seems to have different & pleasant happiness,

But where we are hold by

in FINDING it.

Stop trying to FIND a perfect moment for getting happiness for only those few moment of times,

Just take any moment,

& make it full of happiness 🙂


Enjoy a single-single or even small-small moments of our priceless life !!

Are you Agree with my words 🙂

What’s your Opinion for this !!

A long times ago, may be one or one and half years,

one question is Frighting & moving all around my mind.

Sometimes In some scenario we may think that we have to maintain our relationship

even in unusual type of conditions and do anything & even do everything to continuing it,

leaving the career behind.

But when a point comes where we have to end up with relationship because of many reasons :

may be it will end up by the family issues or by cheating and all..

But when the relationship ends, we may wonder who we are now or feel as though you have to suddenly reinvent ourself simply to regain control over our image.

& The Question is :

After break up and all.. (  I think you got my points what I’m trying to say )

Will boy becomes a Writer or a Singer ??

As most of time, I also seen that after a relationship ends or loss of their love mates, a man go in the field of this & takes too long time to overcome it !!


A girl will become too beautiful ?? ( asked by someone of my friend  )

Totally agree to it :/

women are initially hurt more by the end of a relationship, but it’s men who struggle to get over it !!



Why to Copy Others ??

Everyone  has a different life-style,
Everyone  has a different personality,
Everyone  has a different mentality,
Everyone  has a different thoughts,
Everyone  has a different problems,
The main point is :
 Everyone has its own pace of time “

So, don’t waste your precious time in copying others &In jealousy others happiness & achievements,

Work hard & wait for your time.

If u feel same as I, let me know in the comment section !!

Bhai Dooj

भाई दूज का त्योहार आया,
भाई बहन को साथ लाया 🤗,
बचपन की याद दिला कर 🤓,
चेहरे पर एक छोटी सी मुस्कान सी लाया 😁 ,
दिलो में प्यार का सागर बना कर,
खुशी का पेगाम लाया!!
हर दम मन में एक ही खयाल आया,
समय का निकलना जल्दी समझ नी आया!! 🙈🙈
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
याद आई वो बचपन की लड़ाई,
दे घूसे , दे रजाई!!
मम्मी से करती थी झूठी सिकायत,
खुद समान तुड़के मुझे था फसाया,
दे चप्पल दे चाता मुझे था खिलाया..,
साइड में बैठ कर फिर मुझे था हसाया ,
दे घूसे दे रजाई फिर उसे भी खिलाया😂😂

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _

चंदन का टीका, रेशम का धागा,
हर घर में हो ऐसी ही नजारा 😇

सूरज की किरणों की तरह,
मेरी बहन अनमोल हो,
शाम को मेरे लिए,
1 फुल प्लेट मोमोज पैक हो 😆😆

दिल से निकली यही कामना,
हर जनम में है संग रहना!!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _

भाई दूज के इस शुभ अवसर पर,
आपको और आपके पूरे परिवार को मेरी तरफ से बहुत बहुत शुभकामनाएं । 😊