Cracking Question for you !!

There is two question for the brave people !!
Let see, Are you able to crack your mind and find its solutions or not 😂

Question is that 👇👇

Which is the alphabet that comes before alphabet A ??

If you cracked it.. that’s great !


No worry, there is another question for you.. try this too 👇👇

Which alphabet comes after alphabet Z ??

If you cracked any of these.. Congratulations, you’re one of the smartest person in the WORLD 😇

Hope you have solutions for these two questions 😂😂😝😝


How I started a journey on WordPress !!

Here is a short story on my initial journey in blogging on the WordPress :

Hello Everyone,   

My name is Chandan Maurya & I’m a Student. I live in India,New Delhi.

I love to express my thoughts or feeling with whom I feel Comfortable. One of my friend told me to start blogging on WordPress. Firstly, I refuse him a lot as he already know  why I refusing him. He know each and every things of my life b’cz we have a good bonding between us through my childhood 🙂 I remind him many times that I want few people or good friends for sharing my moments and all but not a place !! but he told me daily every time again and again “Do Chandan, You have a good thought and so inspiring words, I seen a hire of words in you !! “.

One day, just for trial I posted a blog on “Why to Copy others

Within an hour, glad to share with you I got good responses not only from India but also from the world wide ;). Through that day I thank my friend ( Sheru ) to suggest me this platform 🙂

Really, I found WordPress is a very good platform to express my thoughts with world wide peoples 🙂


Why to Copy Others ??
Everyone  has a different life-style,
Everyone  has a different personality,
Everyone  has a different mentality,
Everyone  has a different thoughts,
Everyone  has a different problems,
The main point is :
 Everyone has its own pace of time “

So, don’t waste your precious time in copying others &In jealousy others happiness & achievements,

Work hard & wait for your time.

If u feel same as I, let me know in the comment section !!